Soaring Photos and Videos

Francis and I are enjoying our instruction on flying glider planes at Sandhill Soaring Club! So far, most of our instruction has been on a Schleicher ASK 13 two-person glider. But we have also had a lesson in a Brasov IS-28B2 Lark, another two-person glider. 

We have been taking quite a few photos and videos of flights and other interesting sights at Richmond Field. 

Time-lapse of the drive to Richmond field (from Ann Arbor):

Time-lapse of ground operations (launch, retrieval, and setup):

Demo tow plane failure:
p.s. Sorry about the poor quality, two A-10's flew overhead in formation (at low altitude) and distracted me during the tow-release!:

Time-lapse of us setting up for camping at the field: